Led by a Registered Nurse, our team teaches beginners how to safely lift weights. Our Coaches help you attack back against chronic pain, chronic disease, and feelings of loneliness and depression.

We lift up weights.

We lift up people.

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights


At CrossFit Dillon we provide

advanced fitness training

 in a fun, supportive environment.


Our members range in age from

10 years old to 91 years young!



Our Coaches provide the support necessary for you to

maintain this increased fitness over your lifetime.  


 We focus on helping our members apply

safe mechanics of weight lifting 

consistency in their training

 intensity needed to stimulate change


We will get you results!

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Become part of the CrossFit Dillon Community.

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New to CrossFit? This is for you!

The emphasis of our Foundation Program is to prepare you to confidently enter our group classes. Your personal coach will meet with you one on one for many weeks. COACHING IS OUR SPECIALTY.  We want to know you and why your goals are important to you. During Foundations your coach will teach you how to lift weights and exercise in ways you never dreamed you could!  Your coach will help you focus on weightlifting technique, safety, and achieving your personal fitness goals.

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Daily group classes

After completing our Foundations Program, members may enroll for CrossFit Workout of the Day Classes.  

Challenge your body and mind to push to a new level of training. Enjoy the support and camaraderie found within the CrossFit Dillon community.

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30 and 60 minute sessions with your Coach

 If you prefer one on one coaching instead of group classes, you will love our personal training  option! Your personal coach will meet with you 2- 4 times each week to provide accountability and guidance in reaching your individual fitness and health goals. Personal training sessions are available for 1:1 or 1:2 individuals.They are a wonderful opportunity for couples or friends to pursue fitness goals together!

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   Eat & Train Support (E.A.T.)

 Nutrition Support

Support and education to help members reach their nutrition goals. Lean out, build muscle mass, or maintain - we can help you feel even better about eating. Lose the guilt. Lose the dieting. "Let's EAT!"

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 Strengthening before and after surgery or injury

Following release from your physical therapist and with your PCP permissions, our coaches can assist you with strength and balance training prior to your surgery and  help you continue growing stronger after your surgery. We will meet with you for 1:1 training sessions to help you gain strength and recover quicker. This is done in conjunction with your healthcare team.

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   Karchut Barbell Club

Est 2021

Olympic weightlifting instruction with Coach and Olympian Mike Karchut. Members train for competition in the Clean & Jerk and Snatch.




Please contact Deanna for a free initial appointment and for our current class schedule 


Mobile number 501-283-3349


CFD currently offers classes

Monday - Friday. 

OPEN GYM times for those on our Unlimited Membership Plan

Karchut Barbell Club for Olympic Weightlifting



Our CrossfitDillon Team


Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

 Cate graduated from California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) with a bachelor of science in Dairy Sciences, a minor in Equine Sciences and an Associates in Business Administration. She is a born and raised Montana ranch gal out of Jackson, MT. She has a love for people and animals, often calving throughout a cold Montana night and then arriving at CrossFit Dillon by 5 AM to coach our members. Her work ethic goes unmatched. Her smile and enthusiasm are contagious.  Cate leads by example, often training 3-5 times per day at the gym, roping cattle when she returns home, and crushing local CrossFit competitions on the weekends.


Stephanie graduated from Washington State University with a bachelor of science in Agriculture Business and from the University of Montana with a degree in law. She grew up on a diversified farm in Yakima, WA, where she gained a love for the outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle. Stephanie found and fell in love with CrossFit in 2012, and hasn’t looked back since, training with regional and games level athletes and competing at high levels herself. She is also a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. Stephanie is excited to take what she has learned both in and outside of the CrossFit gym and use it to help members of the CrossFit Dillon community reach their goals and thrive. When she isn’t working in the legal field, training members of the Dillon CrossFit community, or training herself, you will find Stephanie with her husband hunting, riding horses, and enjoying our gorgeous state! 


RN, Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, ACSM Inclusive Fitness Trainer

Deanna is passionate about helping others find confidence in their strengths and abilities. She believes the determination one finds within themselves when challenged physically will transfer to all areas of life. Deanna holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and MT RN license. She has a certification from the American College of Sports Medicine as an Inclusive Fitness Trainer.  She is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and a USA Weightlifting Level 2 Sports Performance Coach. She wants to share her love of fitness with the community members of Beaverhead County. 


Deanna's favorite motto is "Can't Never Could". She wants to help you find your "I Can!".


Crossfit Dillon 


CrossFit Dillon is continually looking for caring individuals with a strong work ethic to help us provide advanced, individualized coaching to our members. 


We are organized to help grow sustainable, full time careers in the preventative health care industry. Owned and managed by an RN with a passion for teaching. Apprenticeships are available for qualifying individuals. 

We currently have apprenticeships and/or careers open for individuals that would mentor at the Dillon location and upon completion provide coaching services in our smaller rural communities such as Twin Bridges, Lima, Wise River. We aim to create sustainable coaching careers within these communities. 

If you would like to be a part of our confident, committed coaching team, please send resume to Deannabrooknelson@gmail.com



“I can’t say enough good things about my experience with CrossFit Dillon.   Living in various places and traveling for work in past few years I’ve had opportunity to workout at a number of Crossfits and Crossfit Dillon is the most attentive to individual needs of any that I’ve been too.  The coaches are great about tailoring the workouts to the individual, but also giving you a push when you need it.  And having tried working out on my own unsuccessfully, I can say that a coach on site makes all the difference and is worth every penny!  Within the first month I saw massive improvement with some chronic shoulder issues I’d had, and over past year I’ve been able to gain muscle while losing weight at same time.   And last but not least, I’ve had a ball at CF Dillon…great coaches and great people working out there…a ton of fun!”

Kolby Malesich